Mahayana Study – Heart of Daring

Tue., July 7, 2020
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Mahayana Study Course
Heart of Daring
Weekly, starting June 9

Mahayana builds on the foundation of Hinayana, expanding our concern for our own happiness to include that of others. These teachings introduce us to the possibility of transforming even the most negative emotions into positive states of mind. By working with our emotions and exploring the illusory nature of all phenomena, we can develop a heart of genuine compassion. Mahayana also introduces us to the idea of buddha nature — the understanding that our hearts and minds are, from the beginning, the same as the Buddha’s.

Our first class is called “The Heart of Daring”. It is open to the public and will be an online Zoom class only.

The class will be about cultivating the “Heart of Daring” by developing compassion and wisdom. We will study and contemplate the Four Immeasurables of Equanimity, Love, Compassion and Joy. We will discuss the Seven Greatnesses of the Mahayana and the importance of generating Bodhicitta otherwise known as “Awakened Heart”. Looking at the causes and types of Bodhicitta will enable us to connect with our own awakened heart of compassion and insight. Bodhisattvas work for the benefit of themselves and all sentient beings. This takes courage and daring and a willingness to expand beyond the boundaries of ego. The Mahayana path is one of joy and love and being an open caring person, just the tonic for this age. Please join us on this inspiring journey.

When and where: online Zooming on Tuesdays at 7:00 to 8:30 pm MDT for 4 to 5 weeks depending on how we progress though the material.
Starting date June 9, 2020.
Cost: $45 per person members, $50 for non-members. Contact Steve Burden if there are financial concerns.
Text: Purchase from from the Nalanda bookstore. You can get a binder that has the first of 3 Mahayana courses or just order this one alone.
Course name is MAH 301. Link
There is also an eReader link to it.

We hope to see you online!
Steve Burden and David Makowski (contact Steve w/questions at

Date/Time Date(s) - Tue., July 7, 2020
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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Non Members $50.00
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